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Aesthetic medicine

The appearance of our skin is in constant change as time goes by. With the years, the skin of adult people gradually loses its crucial substance constituting dermal elasticity and tension, in other words – the hyaluronic acid. Reduction of this component of profound importance is manifested in ridged skin and visible wrinkles, sometimes very deep. We are able to prevent from this deterioration by implementing a simple method – hyaluronic acid complementation of missing tissues. the treatment is very simple, painless and its effect is instant.

The hyaluronic acid can be used as:
– nosolabial groove supplement,
– marionette’s fold (down of the mouths ends),
– removal of around-the-mouths wrinkles (so-called a smoker’s fold), around-the eyes wrinkles, lines on the forehead and lines over the nose (so-called a lion’s groove), especially with Botox application,
– improvement of mouths appearance, enlargement of mouths and enhancement of mouths contour.
In aesthetic treatments, we also implement the Botox. It is a perfectly purified protein preparation – botulinum toxin of the A type. The Botox application treatment is short in time, and it stands on few in amount injections, which causes the blockade of nervous tracts and reception of any nervous stimuli. It effects with beautiful and smooth skin condition. The Botox can be applied everywhere the wrinkles are caused by hyperactivity of muscles (forehead, over-the-nose area, and the eye-wrinkles). YOUR FACE TELLS A LOT ABOUT YOU – TAKE CARE OF IT

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