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To carry on the full scope of diagnostic treatments, our clinic is equipped with the SIRONA – cordless digital radiography. This system provides the top quality dental panoramic radiographic imaginaries with minimum dose of radiation and grants practical analysis of X-ray pictures on the monitor screen. In the practice of endodontics (the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp), the endometer is employed. Implementation of this particular device is vital for performance of the exact localization of the top of the teeth root during the treatment. This action let us know and assure that the tooth canal is cleaned and shaped ideally. The CALAMUS modern device is utilized for the filling of the root canals with practical usage of the warm gutta-percha. Such a thermal condensation is the most solid and lasting way of perfectly tight in-filling of the root canals, nowadays. Together with the patient, we can view and evaluate the condition of the oral cavity through the practical use of the DENTAL UNIT CAMERA

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