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The dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp (endodonic) deals with the practice of the decayed tissue removal (in other word – the pulp containing vessels and nerves) out of the cave and the root canals, proper cleansing an disinfection and finishing with the tight filling-in with the fitting materials. The endodonic procedures are applied when the far-developed inflammatory conditions are noticed or the tooth pulp died out. The re-endodonic procedure is carried out if the tooth was mistreated in the past.

In the most cases, the root canal treatment is a complication of the untreated dental caries or teeth injuries when the tough tissues of the tooth is damaged which sometimes happens, and finishing at the pulp unsheathing which often occurs. Endodontics is also practiced for prosthetic dentistry. We pay much attention to our patients’ comfort. It means that all the treatments, offered by our dental clinic’ are carried on with the practical usage of rotary tools, the endometer and the integrated system of the tooth filling-in. The whole treatment is controlled and evaluated with the finishing X-ray imagine. The digital radiography system, which traces the proper planning and successful carrying on of any treatments, is utilized in our clinic.

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