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Prosthetic dentistry

Due to the modern technologies and techniques of prosthodontics which are employed in our clinic, we can reconstruct a beautiful smile, we also offer a full scope of dental solutions if one tooth, several teeth or tothlessness are to be rebuilt. In every single case of treatment, we offer an individual plan of dealings, possibly the least invasive one by proposing some medical procedures that are the most convenient for the patient. We assemble a treatment plan which is to recover the correct chewing function together with the best aesthetic effect.

We have own prosthetic laboratory in our clinic. Because of this , our assembled work is done fast and what is more, we can complete the accumulated tasks very precisely and meet patient’s expectation , due to the fact that we stay in close contact with the dental technician. The service of prosthetic dentistry embraces as follows:
– veneers
– porcelain and full-ceramic crowns
– bridges
– inlay/onlay settings
– implants
– skeleton, acryl and elastic dentures
– combined dentures ( slided or latched)

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